Thursday, May 21, 2009

throw out fifty things

That is the inspiration for Gail Blanke's book "Throw Out Fifty Things"  The book is about clearing clutter, and it acts as a coach during the process of clearing. Throwing out 50 things may seem easy but the point of the book is that one thing can mean cleaning out your entire medicine cabinet, or matching all of your single socks and getting rid of all the ones you can find a match for, or going through your entire pantry and getting rid of expired food and anything else you won't eat, it can mean digitizing your entire CD collection. If you don't have any plans this holiday weekend take advantage of the extra time. This process can be time consuming, but worth every minute. I do advise everyone interested to read this book, however I have listed some tips that I have learned:

1. Label 3 trash bags or large boxes with TRASH, RECYCLE, and DONATIONS, I added and additional bag labeled TO SHRED. Take these with you on your clearing journey. 
2. When getting rid of magazine collections ( i know can be painful) go through them and tear out anything you want to remember and put in binders with files. Hold on to any Domino Magazines though they are going to be worth something. P.S. you can find all recipes online from any cooking magazine.
3. When clearing your medicine cabinets get rid of medicine that was used for old ailments. Keeping them will just let your mind allow you to get sick again. Clear it!
4. Keep a log of what you are tossing so you know when you get to fifty.
5. Don't be afraid to toss old photos that are out of focus and didn't come out right. Put them in the TO SHRED bag.
6. Get some small baggies out to keep  jewelry or other small items together that you may want to donate.
7. bring some tape for busted garbage bags or busted boxes, having all the supplies with you will keep you from getting distracted when you need and have to go looking for it. 

Let us know what you want to throw away and give us tips you may have for tossing.


MsVegas said...

My suggestion is to "unjunk" your junk drawer. I know it's the one place where you can put any little knick knack, but most of it should get dumped. It you're collecting match books, then create a bowl specifically for them, this transforms junk into decor. My weakness is cosmetic samples. I like to keep these just in case. In case, what? Use it today, or get rid of them, unless of course you've convinced the sales associate to give you sample sizes of your favorite moisturizer to use for travel. I'm talking about the sample fragrances, random potions, and my favorite, the ugly or way too bright lip color they give you as a free gift, because it doesn't sell. Thanks Beans and Mango. Can't wait to de-clutter.

katie fine said...

Thank you Ms Vegas. Funny there was a whole chapter in the book telling you to get rid of those cosmetic samples you are saving just in case. Very good tip.