Sunday, May 31, 2009

bee aware

I have been hearing about the honey bee crisis for the last year or so, but lately I have really been noticing the problem. The bees I actually see seem weak, hovering low to the ground, or fallen in my garden and along the streets. My friend Ashley stepped on a dead bee today getting out of the pool and it reminded me of this very serious problem. We rely on honey bees for at least one-third of our food supply, so when honey bees are in danger we are all in danger, and over the last three years more than one in three honey bee colonies have died. I discovered the website help the honey bees a while back from a link that was on the Haagen Daz website. I really am not sure how I ended up on the Haagen Daz website but I am glad I did, because  help the honey bees  is  a really well done and informative site about the honey bee crisis and ways you can help such as planting a garden and supporting local beekeepers. 

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