Thursday, May 7, 2009


My mother in law Maddy is always in the know about new and great home wares. She mentioned Dash and Albert a while back and so I checked out their site... SO CUTE.. but, I want to see them in person before I order them.. What do they feel like, etc? You can make anything look good in a digital picture. I was in Mecox Gardens today and what did they have... Dash and Albert cotton throws, and they are even better in person than they are online. They are really soft and clean. A perfect summer -weight blanket, and you can't beat the $58 price tag. The jury is still out on the rugs, although I do have some favorites I have picked out. Let me know if you have seen these rugs in person I have posted some of my faves.

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katie fine said...

So I actually saw the rugs in person on Friday.. The wool rugs are just ok.. The cotton rugs are amazing..