Friday, May 29, 2009


I just started working on a master bedroom for a couple. The woman has always wanted a canopy bed, but her husband thinks they are too feminine. I have pulled some of my favorite canopies that are not as fussy to try and convince him. 

I love the simplicity of these canopies and of the whole room. 

I love this bedroom! The furniture is masculine but the De Gournay wallpaper is gorgeous.  I also think the girl in the photo will not hurt the cause. This has been a favorite of mine for a long time from Elle Decor.

Ok.. A little fussy but I thought the colors and furniture in the room are masculine enough to balance it out. I think the whole room is a perfect design at the JK Capri.

Here is a very similar room, but the colors are muted. this is a more serene bedroom.

I couldn't help it, I have always loved this photo from Domino Magazine.

Love this and I think its the perfect mix of masculine and feminine from Domino Magazine.

This one is a little more country, it seems very cozy.


jehrman said...

whats the point of a canopy on the bed? mosquitos?

katie fine said...

They are romantic Jesse.

Abby said...

Hi, just stumbled across the blog, love it!

I've always loved a simple square canopy bed with no fabric attached. Somehow it seems to bridge the masculine/feminine gap for me. I've been considering the inexpensive version from Ikea for myself. What do you think?

beans and mango said...

Hey Abby,

Glad you stumbled on my blog. I like the IKEA version though I have not seen it in person. West Elm used to have one that I have used before and it was awesome, but I just searched for it and it is not in stock right now.. Its very similar to the room and board architecture bed (which is much more expensive). They are both very similar to the bed in De Gournay wallpaper room above. I would definately go check out the IKEA one in person but also call West Elm and see if and when that other one will be back in stock. I hope that helps!

Katie Fine