Sunday, May 17, 2009

work it

I have a few new clients, so I have been spending  a lot of time in my office the last few days. I decided to post about some of my favorite office accessories, some of these items I already have and love, and some I really want :).

This seahorse paper weight was a birthday gift from my friend Andre Vippolis. It is from OK in Los Angeles.  Every time I see it in my office it makes me smile. Thank you Andre this is one of my favorite things in my office! BTW, check out Andre's impressive photography portfolio...

Hable construction has the best office storage solutions. These bins come in a variety of colors, and they look great on a shelf filled with art supplies etc. These bins are definitely on the splurge side, and I have yet to use them in my own office, but I have used them in a few clients offices. They come in all different sizes and they are great for art  supplies, and any other stuff that you want to keep at an arms reach that might otherwise cause office clutter. I put paper luggage tags on them to label the contents.

I love these Rhodia note pads. I started using them in drafting class and fell for the clean design and color.  They are really practical for me because they are filled with graph paper and they are sturdy enough to throw in my bag during the day. 

I love this "heavy weight tape dispenser from Unica Home. Its heavy enough to anchor the tape so its easier to cut a piece with one hand.... And it looks really cool too.

I use these gold paper clips from Staples, I use the jumbo ones for clipping swatches and ideas together to present to my clients and I use the small ones for office papers. Its a really inexpensive way to give your office a signature.

I like to go monochromatic and have all the same color pencils in the cup on my desk. For now, I have regular # 2 scantron style pencils, but I might have to splurge for these See Jane Work pencils in white. I think they add a sense of order to the office. 

Add ImageI found this lamp at an antique store a few years back. Its a great task lamp and it adds a little vintage charm to my office while still keeping it modern. 

Please post any great things you have in your office that I can post.


jehrman said...

what kind of scissors do u use?

MsVegas said...

I love this post! My workspace needs help. This is a reminder that by adding some fun accessories, I will bring more joy to my workspace and my work. I think I'll go buy some more file folders with funky designs. Why settle for manila?

katie fine said...

I just ordered the Allex scissors in all black from I heard they are really great and last a long time. I think they look nice as well.

katie fine said...

Oh Yeah and have a great calculator from Muji A great source for simple and affordable office essentials.