Wednesday, May 13, 2009

barefoot in the kitchen

If anyone watches the Barefoot Contessa you know that her kitchen is always pristine, organized and she always seems to have the best kitchen tools and accessories. I am a regular viewer of the Barefoot Contessa and I have taken note of some of my favorite things in her kitchen. With the help of her website and a little research I have tracked down what she uses and where to find it. Now what could be bad about that?
These glass mixing bowls keep Ina super organized on the show. She is able to prep the food ahead of time and keep them in the these simple little bowls from William Sonoma.
The kitchen Aid mixer Ina uses comes in all colors. This mixer is a staple on Ina's show she uses it almost every episode. I have the same one I got as a wedding gift.. I didnt think I would use it half as much as I do. I love it. We even have the same color :), white. You can also purchase this at William Sonoma

Ina uses All Clad pots, she recommends to start with small and medium sauce pans and 8 in and 12 in saute pans. These are available at William Sonoma.

I love these simple black oven mitts and pot holders that she uses from William Sonoma. They come in every color but they are so "Ina" in black, here is a less expensive version from Ikea

For Dutch ovens Ina uses Le Creuset. From watching her show I am always admiring her white Le Creuset Dutch oven its so modern and clean. Pictured above in her kitchen she has an orange one but I personally like the white one she uses on the show. She finds so many uses for this Dutch oven. Also available at William Sonoma

Apothecary jars like the ones pictured are lined up on Ina's countertop filled with: flour, sugar, brown sugar, and other daily Ina essentials. I have a couple in my kitchen where I store almonds and other snacks that I want easy access to. You can find these at Stonewall Kitchen.

These are all expensive items for your kitchen, but according to Ina they all last a lifetime. Its almost impossible to buy all of these things at once, but if you start collecting one by one you will soon have an Ina equip kitchen!

Please post some of your daily essentials that you can't live without. 


jehrman said...

post some recipes. im hungry.

Abby said...

I love Ina! She makes me think classic in food like black cashmere does in clothes!

Kitchen items I can't live without: wooden spoons, white bakeware that goes from oven to table and fits in with any table I set, and a big wooden cutting board

beans and mango said...

Thank you Abby. I agree those are all great kitchen essentials that I use every time I am in the kitchen!