Wednesday, May 27, 2009

barry the freshman

Lisa Jack, a photography major and fellow student of Barack Obama shot these pictures when Barack was just a freshman in college. Imagine the stress after he became a serious contender for presidency,  I can't even imagine the pressure of  looking for these negatives after almost 30 years! In fact I am sure there is a funny story about Lisa's early quest to find these photos, she had to have been ripping her hair out! Lisa is now a psychology professor and a therapist living in Minneapolis, she shot these pictures with Barry the freshman back in 1980, and  was thoughtful and smart enough to wait until the election was over to release the photos. In Lisa's recent interview for the LA Times, Lisa says, "There was nothing out of the ordinary about the session," although it did impress Lisa that Obama (barry) had taken the initiative to bring his own props: the hat, the leather bomber jacket and cigarettes you see in the photos above. " he obviously thought about how he wanted to have his picture taken," she says. I am so excited to see these photos in person, come check out the show this weekend at M+B Gallery!

M+B Gallery
Lisa Jack
Barack Obama: The Freshman
May 28th -July 18th 2009
Opening Reception Thursday May 28th 6-9pm


jehrman said...

these are cool. good photos.

Sisters said...

I love those photos...our president is one sexy man....

katie fine said...

I went to M+B last week. Definitely go check these out.

jfayne1 said...

Ooh! And I LOVE LOVE this one!
It was funny b/c when I first took a look at the pictures I said to myself, "Where do I know this guy from?, He looks so familiar..." I thought he was an old-time musician or something. Hilarious.
It's our main man, though...Barack!

Arianna Belle said...

Oh I definitely gotta check this out! Especially since it's super close to where I work.