Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I was in my backyard the other day and noticed a spider web in the tree branches of my lemon trees. I saw a giant black spider crawling out from the web and thought to myself that spider is far too big to be in my backyard and therefore couldn't possibly be dangerous as well... Then it spun upside down and I saw a perfect red hourglass on his belly.

So I ran!!!!!

When I came to my senses I decided to see what I could do about this problem. I cancelled my bimonthly exterminator a few months back because I thought is was better to have some harmless critters crawling around than to have chemicals sprayed all over my yard. My mind has since changed about the harmless critters but I still don't want the chemicals. After a bit of research I found Green Leaf Organic Pest Control. They use essential tree oils and other organic remedies to control pests, and at last resort they will spray regular bug repellent similar to those you put on your animals to control flees so we know they are at least pet friendly. 

I will let you know how this all works, but for now I am very excited about this.

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katie fine said...

PS.. I have bug bites all over my legs! hold off on calling them until i get to the bottom of this!