Tuesday, April 28, 2009

foto wall

So there is a wall in Jesse's office that I want to put all black and white photographs on. I want to include fine art photos, baby photos, wedding photos as well as photos we that we have taken together. I have done them a bunch for clients and they have turned out great, but before I get started I want to do some research, and also share with you some tips I use for making a successful photo wall. 

Consistency: I like to have some consistency, whether its all the same color frame, all color photos, the same size white mat around each picture, or all black and white, I think that there should be one consistent element in the photo wall, and the rest you can be creative. If you are mixing black and white with color photography and art I would use all the same color frame. If you are using all black and white you can mix it up. 

Be accurate: Measure the area on the wall that you are planning to hang the photos, and then measure out the same size and area on your floor. Start laying out your photos on the floor within that area. Leave about 2 inches between each photo.

Keep photos secure: Use a level and hang frames on two hooks or you will constantly be straightening them on the wall. Using mounting tape on the back of the frames will keep your photos in place.

Staircase rulesWhen making a collage going up a staircase keep in mind to mimic the staircase lines in your collage. Also make sure to measure on every second or third step the distance from the collage to the stair to make sure it has the same distance consistently. 
Get creative: Pick interesting photos from different times in your life and your family's life. Do not use only from one photoshoot. Its so much more interesting to mix an old pictures of your family (i.e. mom at the beach as a teenager) with more recent ones. Get creative, tell a story. 

When all else fails: If you are still intimidated by the thought of creating a photo wall that works check out The Picture Wall Company. You can buy a template for a perfect photo wall all without measuring! I haven't tried it but I would love to hear from anyone who has. 

It was hard finding photos of photo walls I really liked, but stay tuned I will post mine hopefully sooner than later. 

Please send me any successful photo walls you have done or any that you love and I will post them. 

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