Saturday, April 25, 2009

sabastiao selgado


images: Sabasiao Selgado
I attended an antique  show at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica last night, I also sat in on a panel discussion panel including Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Thomas Lavin, Windsor Smith, Joe Nye, and Madeline Stuart, They were talking about the future of the Interior Design as well as the current economic crisis effect on the industry. It was a great evening and I am happy that I was able to attend. I got to see an old friend Peter Fetterman who I met years ago when I bought a birthday present for my boyfriend (who is now my husband) at his famous LA gallery which specializes in black and white photography. If you live in LA or are visiting, and you have never visited his place on Michigan Ave in Bergamont Station, you should definitely make the trip. The images posted are from the Sabastiao Selgado AFRICA exhibit that will be at Peter Fetterman from 5/13-9/9. I caught a sneak peak of some of the photos at the show last night and they are amazing. Check out the images I have posted and go on Peters website to see the schedule of Sabastiao's lecture and other events. 


jhe055 said...

love his work.

KatieFineDesign said...

I know I think we should go to the lecture at the Hammer.