Monday, April 13, 2009

in the sweet bye & bye

This was such an amazing gift. The late Margaret Kilgallen is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists and I can't wait to see her work next time there is an exhibit of hers in NY or LA. 

Her drawings are timeless and it was old time sources that gave Margaret her inspiration. She loved Appalachian music, hand painted signage, letterpress printing, and was inspired by the wandering culture of immigrant, railway workers and dreamers. She was especially interested in seeing evidence of a maker's hand in inspiration as well as in her own work.  Margaret explained that as much as she tried to make the straightest line or a perfect letter it could never be as perfect as a machine. That imperfection is what makes her art so unique. 

Let me know what you think I have posted some of my favorites from the book.

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janglesjones said...

I love Margaret Kilgallen, would you sell your book?