Wednesday, April 22, 2009

do you know what today is?

                                                                                              David Doubilet
It is Earth Day! I am not doing anything special today for earth day other than writing this blog, rather I am changing my lifestyle and have been, so that "Earth Day" is every day.  Here are some things you can do in honor of  "Earth Day."

1. Pledge not to trash the oceans! Help reduce your mark by limiting your plastic consumption. As I said yesterday, the majority of the trash on the beach is plastic and since its not biodegradable.. Its not going anywhere. Ditch the plastic water bottle its unhealthy for you anyway. Click on the link to find out other ways. 

2. Shop at Stella McCartney not only does she not use leather or fur in any of her collections she also incorporates organic, and eco friendly materials. From now until April 29th 5% of all proceeds go to Oceana which is a nonprofit dedicated to keeping our oceans alive.

3. Shop locally and with a reusable bag.  I am sure you have dozens of them from the recent campaigns going on promoting them.. Use them!! Click on the link and type in your zip code to find restaurants and farmers markets that use local produce. 

4. Recycle... Obviously

5. Opt for riding a bike. See blog entry "the new status symbol" or carpool. 

6. Educate your friends, kids, and anyone else who will listen. 

7. When decorating your house.. Check out antique furniture, the usual 1stdibs also a new site I discovered former furniture.  

8. Before ditching that old sofa, save some dough and help the earth by recovering it in a great new organic linen. Your family will thank you, older furniture has had time to off gas so the chemicals in the glue and the foam are less toxic than any new furniture you can buy. 

9. Check out Benjamin Moore Aura line as well as the Natura line for every wonderful color Benjamin Moore has to offer. Minus harmful VOC's.

1o. Stay updated on new ways to help neutralize your carbon imprint, and most of all enjoy what nature has to offer!

Happy Earth Day!!

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