Wednesday, June 3, 2009

what to get for dad?

Fathers day is June 21st , below are some early suggestions so you can get a head start this year.  I am trying to stay with the local, small business theme we did for mothers day, after all it is a new month so $50 of our spent money should go into our favorite three small stores to help support the 3/50 Project.
I asked my favorite "Daddy's girls" what they were thinking about getting there dad's this fathers day and this is what they came up with:

Meg suggested vintage typewriter key cufflinks from Apartment Number 9, you can get them with your dad's initials on the keys,  such a unique and personal gift. They also make great groomsmen gifts. Apartment Number 9 is owned by sisters Sara and Amy, they definitely have the best mens clothes around so even if typewriter cufflinks aren't your dads thing.. You can be sure to find something at this store that is perfect. Click on the link to find one of Apartment Number 9's three locations.

Allison and Natalie both suggested a round of golf at at your dad's favorite golf club, or better yet a golf lesson with a local pro. Great idea. I know that both my dad and my father in law would love this gift. (they both read my blog though so I have to think of something else:) Check out 1st Stop for Golf to find a list and information of the best local gold courses throughout the country.  

Sarah L. will always take the cake for being the most original.. She is going to get her dad a subscription to The Bacon of the Month Club. Wow I bet you have never thought of that. A six month membership to the Bacon of the Month club includes:
  1. One package of a different artisan bacon from different small mom and pop suppliers every month for 6 months.
  2. A bacon of the month membership card
  3. A pig ballpoint pen
  4. A bacon tee shirt
  5. A recipe each month using your selected bacon
  6. A pig nose!
For new dads Xela suggested the eco friendly Green Dude. This is a diaper bag designed for a cool and stylish new dad. It's a messenger style bag made out of recycled plastic bottles with all of the compartments in a normal baby bag including a changing pad.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Green dude go to Global Green USA.

Beans and Mango suggest Quoddy shoes from South Willard.These shoes are genuine moccasins handmade in Maine. I like the brown suede brick sole blucher pictured below and I think its a perfect gift for dad.

Beans and Mango think you can't go wrong with this nickel plated shaving set from Blenheim Bouquet.

For the professional dad Beans and Mango suggest any of these items from the Postal Co. Your dad will be sure to make a statement at his next meeting with these handmade in Japan notebooks and folders. 


Hopefully these suggestions will help you get a head start this year. Please comment with any great ideas you have for fathers day gifts!


theCHECKlist said...

which one should we get for dad?

katie fine said...

definitely the bacon of the month club.