Tuesday, June 23, 2009

urban finds

I have had my eye on this little settee below for quite sometime because its such a sweet and beautiful design. Its hard to make these decisions while shopping online without seeing the fabric and testing the comfort, you never really know what you are going to get. I was in a meeting with a woman today who had this strategically placed in her gorgeous office. I would have believed her if she had told me that she spent thousands on this well restored antique settee, the fabric was great and it was really comfortable. Lucky for us every once in a while Urban Outfitters (do you believe this!) surprises me with a really well designed piece of furniture and this one is just that.

While browsing the Urban Outfitters website, I also noticed this cute little rattan pouf
I think this pouf is perfect to throw in front of a sofa or chair to use as an ottoman in a space deprived spot. I love the natural element it adds to the space.

All of the above items including the letter lamps are available at Urban Outfitters.

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