Wednesday, June 10, 2009

black, white and a little...

Black and white always looks clean and its a great way to emphasize pops of color.

From Garance dore a simple black and white background makes her red lips stand out. A great inspiration for a room!

From the DWR bubble club chair collection the clean white with black background really makes the color of the pool stand out. 

The Selby featured Alexander Wang's showroom which is all black and white. I especially love this photo of his office. The black and white background shows off the industrial steel lamps.

Guest room at the Chateau Les Merles. A boutique hotel in the South of France with just 12 guestrooms. The modern black and white allows the antique oak armoire to really stand out. I just recently discovered this hotel on Habitually Chic. Its is now top on my list of places to go!

Gwenyth's black with white powder room with Apple's sweet little lavender stool.. Simple yet stunning.

I just love this room...

Great shot of a black and white winding staircase with a little pop of red at the bottom.

Gwenyth's all black kitchen really makes the center butcher block stand out in this photo. 

The all black and white Versace plane. I don't really know what to say here. I dig it though. 

This kitchen is amazing! I am not sure where its from I found it on the jjjjound site. if anyone knows where this photos is from, please tell. 

Thats it for tonight!


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