Monday, June 29, 2009

sole sister

Imagine ordering a pair of ballet flats out of a vending machine at 1:00 am after a crazy night of dancing in 5 inch heels. Every girl has been in the situation where your body wants to keep going, but your feet won't allow another step... Rollasole Vending Machines are the newest thing on the London club scene. They cost about 8 dollars and are worth every penny! They also conveniently roll up and come with their own bag so after the night is over your can keep them in your purse to walk to work in, etc. My hunch is that we will soon be seeing them closer to home.. Perhaps at a wedding or nightclub. Love this idea. Would you buy these shoes out of a vending machine??

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sarahelefton said...

This is Great! Maybe you should see about Franchises to LA! Love the idea of having the vending machine at a wedding, too.