Monday, July 20, 2009

more room for play

My sister is always trying to come up with ideas to create a new space for her three children to have a room of their own for: art projects, playing, dress up and just be kids without messing up the main house. Unfortunately there is just not enough space without doing a major addition that is expensive and inconvenient. I have been looking in to other options so we don't have to convert the garage into this space.  I love the clean lines of the Modern Play Shed.   You start with  a basic model play shed  for that comes ready to paint or stain on the outside. The goal of these sheds is to be able to assemble them quickly using the tools included.  then you can add additional options on the inside such as: chalkboard or whiteboard wall panels, play shed deck. I called this morning and spoke to the people at Modern Shed. They said that you can add additional green options such as green roofs, and cork floors that are normally reserved  for larger sheds on the play shed. 

Do you like the idea of  a detached playroom? 

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brynalexandra said...

I always see families here in CA try to find creative (or not so creative) play areas for their kids due to lack of space and basements. Usually it's the garage or formal living area turned playroom. But this is way more chic. Love it!